Tusk and Hide Whisker Wax

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This wax is solid enough to tackle the most ornery facial hair and wrestle it into submission.

Basecamp: A delightful blend to remind you of an autumn camping trip in the mountains. Warm spices, chilled bourbon and a brisk breeze.

Bonfire: A scent created to bring you back to time spent around the fire with friends. The intoxicating smell of musky smoke & pine needles over fresh earth

Northwoods: An exciting blend of Cedar and Fir to give you the feeling of a Wisconsin morning. You'll find elements of pine, fir, birch, cedar and freedom.

Whitewater: Created to refresh you like a long afternoon on the river. Splashes of spearmint weave nicely through eucalyptus basenotes.

Directions: Scrape a little wax off with the back of your fingernail, roll between your fingers and apply as much as you want. For an unique look, after the wax has settled in your whiskers, try adjusting your creation a bit. It will leave your facial hair styled without looking waxed.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Lanolin, Vitamin e, and essential oils.